Soft sensor for change detection

Soft sensor for change detection

José Ragot Benoît Marx Didier Maquin 

Université de Lorraine, CRAN, UMR 7039,

2 avenue de la forêt de Haye, 54156 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France

CNRS, CRAN, UMR 7039, France

Corresponding Author Email:,,
31 March 2020
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Regime change detection is concerned with identifying abnormal system behaviors and abrupt changes from one regime to another. This paper proposes a novel method capable of detecting regime change points in sequential time series. Our approach is based on a sensitivity study of a global model combining, with a multiplicative effect, the local models describing the different modes of functioning.


soft sensor, mode change detection, parameter estimation.

1. Introduction
2. Principe de reconnaissance de mode de fonctionnement
3. Système SIMO à deux modes de fonctionnement
4. Influence des erreurs de mesure
5. Généralisation
6. Exemple numérique
7. Conclusion

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