Optimum Fuzzy Logic Control System Design using Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Pitch Control of a Wind Turbine

Optimum Fuzzy Logic Control System Design using Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Pitch Control of a Wind Turbine

Piyali Ganguly Akhtar Kalam Aladin Zayegh

Department of Engineering and Science, Victoria University, Ballarat Road, Footscray 3011, Melbourne, Australia

Corresponding Author Email: 
Piyali.ganguly@live.vu.edu.au, Akhtar.Kalam@vu.edu.au, aladin.zayegh@vu.edu.au
10 October 2017
15 November 2017
31 December 2017
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Renewable Energy Systems (RES) are being widely accepted as an alternative to standard conventional energy sources due to depletion of natural resources and their consequential environmental impact. With improving techniques, reducing costs and low environmental impact, wind energy has the potential to become the major part in the world’s energy future. The efficiency and control of wind generator is of outmost importance as wind is an intermittent resource. Pitch angle control is the most common means for adjusting the aerodynamic torque of the wind turbine when the wind speed is above rated speed.

This paper presents a methodology for designing an optimised Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) system using Cuckoo Search Algorithm (CSA) for enhancing the performance of wind turbine by maximizing the captured energy. The simulation results clearly show that the controller demonstrated high performance than conventional PID controller.


Wind turbine, pitch control, fuzzy logic, optimization, cuckoo search algorithm, renewable energy.

1. Introduction
2. Wind Turbine Model
3. Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)
4. Cuckoo Search Algorithm (CSA)
5. Fuzzy Logic Controller Design
6. Simulation results and Discussions
7. Conclusion

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