Local Capability Analysis and Comparative Study of Kernel Functions in Support Vector Machine

Local Capability Analysis and Comparative Study of Kernel Functions in Support Vector Machine

Hailun Wang Daxing Xu

Logistics Engineering College, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai 200000, China

College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Quzhou University, Quzhou 324000, China

Corresponding Author Email: 
xiaohong1920@126.com, daxingxu@163.com
18 April 2017
18 May 2017
30 June 2017
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Kernel function, the centrepiece of Support Vector Machine (SVM), is classified into local kernel function and global kernel function. The features of the local and global kernel functions can be demonstrated all at once in a combined kernel function. This paper analyses the local capability of SVM kernel function through comparative analysis. Specifically, the local capability of combined kernel function was defined and analysed for the first time; the local capability features of typical kernel functions and combined kernel function were detailed and compared with each other. Finally, the correctness and rationality of the analysis was verified through simulation.


Local capability, Combined kernel function, Local kernel function, Global kernel function, Support Vector Machine (SVM)

1. Introduction
2. Problem Description
3. Definition of Local Capability and Feature Analysis of Kernel Function
4. Comparative Analysis of Local Capabilities of Kernel Functions
5. Experimental Simulation
6. Conclusion

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