Current Issue

Vol 87, No 1, Marchi 2018

Comparative thermal performance analysis of water, engine coolant oil and MWCNT-W nanofluid in a radiator


Asif Afzal, A. D. Mohammed Samee, R. K. Abdul Razak

Effect of variable properties on the flow over an exponentially stretching sheet with convective thermal conditions


Srinivasacharya Darbhasayanam, Jagadeeshwar Pashikanti

Analysis of thermal performance of an agricultural greenhouse heated by a storage system


Djemoui Lalmi, Salah Bezari, Hocine Bensaha, Mawloud Guermouai, Abdelaziz Rabehi, Benseddik Abdelouahab, Redjem Hadef

The experimental research on vibrating characteristics for multiple tubes in cylindrical fluid


Qianbei Yue, Jubao Liu, Ligang Zhang, De Liu, Min Luo

Oscillatory saturated flow of a second grade fluid in a channel


Sachidananda Sahoo, Prasanna K. Rout, Gauranga C. Dash

Impact of flexible blades on the vertical axis tidal turbine performances


Nouredine Drias, Mohamed T. Bouzaher, Djemoui lalmi, Belhi Guerira, Derfouf Semch Eddine

Using Taguchi method & response surface methodology for examination of surface roughness


Yallamati Abshalomu, Vinjavarapu Sanakararao, Ashok K. Nanduri

Experimental investigation on thermal performance of helical grooved flat heat pipe


Kesav Kumar Sridharan, Sridhara S. Nagappa, Siddharth Y. Paralikar