Current Issue

Vol 86, No 2, June 2017

Experimental Thermal Investigation of CuO-W Nanofluid in Circular Minichannel


Asif Afzal, Mohammed Samee A.D, Abdul Razak R.K

Simulation Study of Drilling Force and Drilling Temperature in Staggered Teeth BTA Deep-hole Drilling


Bian Guo, Jianming Zheng, Li Liu, Luo Yang

Old Satellite Dish as a Solar Cooker in Iran


Hossain Nemati, Seyed M. Beheshti

Experimental Study on the Deformation Characteristics of Rockfill Materials under Cyclic Loading of Spherical Stress


Yanyi Zhang, Gang Deng, Yanfeng Wen, Zeping Xu, Shu Yu, Zhiyi Zhao

MHD Falkner-skan Flow through Porous Medium Over Permeable Surface


Jyotsnarani Pattnaik, Dash G.C., Ojha K.L.

Parametric Study on Deformation and Stability of Geocell-Reinforced Retaining Walls


Fei Song, Yuying Li, Jian Zhao, Zewei Yang

Optical Modeling and Thermal Behavior of a Parabolic through Solar Collector in the Algerian Sahara


Mokhtar Ghodbane, Boussad Boumeddane

Stratiform Compound Mudstone Mass under Uniaxial Compression


Furong Ma, Xingui Zhang, Nianping Yi

Comparison of COMPASS and PCFF in Calculating Mechanical Behaviors of Aramid Fiber by Means of Molecular Dynamics


Qian Wang, Chao Tang, Xiaoping Li, Zhiwei Li, Mingming Du

Study on Seismic Performance of Autoclaved Brick Walls


Jianmin Zhang, Zexiang Yin

Analysis on Rock Probability of Embedment Pile into Rock Mass for Pile Group at Building Sites in Karst Terrain


Xianfa Cao, Zhikui Liu, Hailing Li

Romax-Based Contact Analysis of Tapered Roller Bearings for Automobile Wheels


Rui Yu, Jinshang Ni, Weiqin Shi

Landslide Mechanism of a Slope in Nanhuan Road, Funxin, Northeast China


Huiming Liu, Changming Wang, Suoyu Zhang, Bing Wang

Analysis of the Soil Arch Effect of the Mechanical Rotary Bored Anti-slide Piles and Ultimate Arch Thickness Calculation


Ruhong Wang, Haiqing Zhou

Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulation on Impact Response of Sand-filled Aluminium Honeycomb Sandwich Structure


Weiming Luo, Shaoqing Shi, Jianhu Sun, Yuzheng Lv

Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Porous Concrete Fabricated with the SAP


Junru Ren, Zhiping Deng, Hua Cheng, Lin Zhou, Xinhao Zheng

A CFD Analysis of Gas Plume Stratification in Confined Space


Xinsheng Jiang, Biao He, Qiang Liu, Dong Wang, Jiannan Xu, Wei Xie

Vibration Control of Stress Waveform Superposition in Millisecond Blasting


Qing Li, Yaodong Xue, Di Zhang