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The 10th AIGE 2016 Conference and the 1st AIGE/IIETA International Conference on "Energy Conversion, Management, Recovery, Saving, Storage and Renewable Systems" is organized under the auspices of the AIGE and IIETA with the aim of providing technical information to their members and to the scientific and industrial community at large, which will be held in Napoli (Italy) on June 9 – 10, 2016. The joint Conferences have as their aim to create a binding platform for researchers from universities, research institutions and industries involved in the organization as well as students to network, learn more and share their knowledge. They will pursue the goal of providing a forum for the exposure and the exchange of technical information. The joint Conferences will give the opportunity to discuss the state of the art and to present experimental, analytical and numerical results in Energy Conversion Systems, in the Energy Management with reference to Economic and Thermodynamics, in Energy Recovery Systems, in Energy Saving Techniques, Energy Storage Systems and Renewable Systems with a particular attention to the Environment.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  1. Analysis and optimization of energy processes

  2. Availability of energy resources
  3. Basic engineering thermal science in energy systems
  4. Biomass and bioenergy, Climate change mitigation Cogeneration and combined heat and power
  5. Computational thermal-fluid dynamics for energy systems
  6. Combustion improvements and combustion of new fuels
  7. Conservation strategies
  8. Economic industrial and domestic use of energy
  9. Economic and policy issues
  10. Electricity supply and demand
  11. Energy analysis
  12. Energy and environmental regulation
  13. Energy conversion and conservation
  14. Energy in buildings and the improvement of indoor air quality
  15. Energy efficiency and quality and efficiency of energy services
  16. Energy modeling and prediction
  17. Energy planning and energy management
  18. Energy savings in transportation
  19. Energy storage
  20. Energy supply security
  21. Environmental, social and economic impacts of energy policies and usage
  22. Geothermal energy systems
  23. Heat exchangers and heat exchanger systems
  24. Heat transfer in energetic and environmental systems
  25. Heat transfer in fission and fusion nuclear facilities
  26. Impact on the environment
  27. Integrated energy systems
  28. Nuclear power plants
  29. Optimal use of energy resources
  30. Overview of the global and regional energy scene
  31. Power plants and equipment
  32. Problems of modeling and forecasting
  33. Refrigeration and air-conditioning including advanced cycles and new refrigerants
  34. Renewable energies
  35. Solar energy including solar thermal and photovoltaic
  36. Sustainable energy systems
  37. Thermofluid dynamics for energy systems
  38. Waste heat recovery
  39. Wind and alternative energy systems